Drink Menu

Drink Menu


Michelob Ultra $7
St. Louis, Missouri 4.2% ABV

Modelo Especial $8
Mexico 4.4% ABV

Cisco Forever New England Gameday IPA $9
Nantucket, MA 5.4% ABV

Shipyard Pumpkinhead $10
Portland, ME 4.5% ABV

Sam Adams Octoberfest $9
Boston, Massachusetts 5.9% ABV

Guinness. $10
Ireland 4.2% ABV

Bottle & Can Selection

Bud Light $7

St. Louis, Missouri 4.2% ABV

Budweiser $7

St. Louis, Missouri 5% ABV

Coors Light. $7

Golden, Colorado 4.2% ABV

Corona Extra. $7

Mexico 4.7% ABV

Angry Orchard $8

Boston, MA 4.7% ABV

High Noon Seltzer $9

4.5% ABV

Elysian Night Owl (Pumpkin Ale) $9

Seattle, Washington 6.7% ABV

Glutenberg (Gluten Free Beer) $7

Canada 4.5% ABV (16oz)


Dance with the Devil – $14
Our House infused Habanero Tequila,
Triple Sec, Lime Juice, and Bajan Punch.

Lady Killer – $13
Lunazul Blanco Tequila, Blackberry Brandy,
Orange Juice, and Agave Ripe.

Autumn Sangria – $15
Crown Royal Apple, Bacardi Limon,
Barefoot Moscato, Apple Pucker,
Apple Cider and Pom Juice.

Spiced Harvest Cider $13
Smirnoff Vanilla, Blue Chair Bay Spiced Rum
and Apple Cider.

Aperol Cider Spritz $14
Aperol, La Marca Prosecco, Apple Cider,
a splash of club soda. served with a Cinnamon
Sugar Rim

Zombie $14
Blue Chair White Rum, Myers Black Rum,
Orange Juice and Grenadine.

Caramel Apple Mule $13
Smirnoff Kissed Caramel Vodka, Apple Cider,
Caramel and a Ginger Beer Float.

Pumpkin Pie Martini $15
Smirnoff Vanilla, Rum Chata, Kahlua, Pumpkin
liquer, Pumpkin Puree and a Cinnamon Sugar Rim.

Caramel & PB Old Fashioned $15
Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey, Salted Caramel
Whiskey, Chocolate Bitters and a Cherry.

Red Sangria $15
Shiraz, Raspberry Vodka, Bacardi Limon, Peach
Schnapps, Cranberry Juice and sour mix

Hot Cocktails

Nashoba Coffee $14
Baileys, Kahlua, Frangelico, Grand Marnier,
Hot Coffee and Whipped Cream

Skrewball Coffee $13
Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey,
Rum Chata, Hot Coffee and
Whipped Cream

Witch’s Brew $13
Kahlua, Rum Chata, Frangelico,
Hot Coffee and a Cinnamon Sugar

Irish Coffee $13
Jameson Irish Whiskey, Baileys, Hot
Coffee, and Whipped Cream

Grave Digger $13
Cinnamon Whiskey, Apple Jack and
Hot Apple Cider.


Apple Crisp $9
Granny Smith apples with traditional
crumbled topping, served warm with
Vanilla Ice Cream.

Wicked Goodie $10
Hot fudge sauce cascading over Vanilla
Ice Cream and a rich fudge brownie,
whipped cream, walnuts and a cherry.

Ice Cream $7
Vanilla Bean or Double Chocolate

From the Vine


Prosecco, La Marca
{Italy} $10/$35

Sauvignon Blanc,Whitehaven
{New Zealand} $11/$40

Pinot Grigio, DaVinci
{Veneto, Italy} $8/$28

Chardonnay, Chateau Souverain
{California} $8/$28

Chardonnay, Kendall Jackson
{California} $12/$44


Pinot Noir, Greg Norman
{Santa Barbara, California} $12/$44

Merlot, Clos du Bois
{California} $8/$28

Red Blend, Brancaia Tre
{Tuscany} $10/$35

Cabernet, Hess Select
{North Coast, California} $12/$44

Cabernet, Daou
{Pasa Robles, California} $14/$52

Menu items and pricing are subject to change without notice, please refer to the Staff and menus in the Restaurant for current offerings and pricing.