Not what you would expect to find at a local ski lodge. I have been there in summer and in winter. The service is great what ever season it is, the menu is different, and I have been quite happy with the meals served on each of my visits.” ~Mary S. of Amesbury, MA on 4/6/2006

The Outlook has great year round views of Nashoba Valley ski area through floor-to-ceiling windows and a roaring fireplace in winter. The lunch menu is pretty typical pub fare but their salads stand out–I love the spinach salad topped with grilled salmon (someone in the kitchen really knows how to cook fish!). I can’t believe this place isn’t packed year round–I guess people assume it closes after the ski season. The Outlook is one of my Metro West favorites.” ~Tim R. of Concord, MA on 8/22/2007

“Solid food and service tucked away in a ski resort. While working in Westford, this was one of our staple restaurants. Service is friendly and the lobster roll delivers.” ~Briana S. of Playa del Rey, CA on 7/14/2008

I want to go back here so bad! I love this place. The best setting ever.” ~Anjie P. of Whittier, CA on 7/26/2008

Staff was very friendly and accomodating, we look forward to our next visit!” ~Bill H on 12/13/08

Very good and fast, great value, fresh sandwiches, big portions, great dessert!” ~Bill S on 12/16/08

Very nice atmosphere, a wonderful server. We will be back!” ~Nancy R on 12/18/08

Wonderful, good, delicious and hot. Perfect great size and value for your buck. Fun and lively atmosphere!” ~Todd B on 12/20/08

3 kids, 4 years of lessons each, a really fun family tradition, lots of memories! Thanks!” ~Dan A on 12/21/08

The server was amazing. She was very friendly and funny. The food was very good, I am definitely coming back!” ~Anonymous on 12/22/08

We always have a good meal here and service is always great!” ~Karen and Dave B. on 12/24/08

I grew up skiing here. My family lives in the area, service and food could not have been better. Thanks!” ~Steve C, Hollywood, CA. on 12/27/08

“I really like the look and feel of this place. There is a great stone fireplace on one side and huge ceiling-to-floor windows overlooking the base of the slopes. Around this time of year, I especially enjoy the way the serve pumpkin ale with sugar and spices around the rims of the pint glasses. They often have entertainment and events (last year I was a top five winner of a Halloween costume party).” ~David S. of Boston, MA on 10/12/2009

Good sandwiches, very good atmosphere for lunches. Can have a lively bar scene in the summer after their volleyball league is finished for the night. Not too bad on price for what you get. If you are looking for a good lunch in a decent atmosphere this is the place.” ~Ryan J. of Littleton, MA on 5/16/2010

I finally got my husband to the Outlook, having been there with friends many times. The food is always excellent and I do mean excellent. He had the scallops, not an easy dish to get perfect, but they did. We had the lamb hor’s d’ouevres and they were amazing with a mint sauce with real mint. I had the seared tuna which was tender and just the right amount of spices. For dessert we both had the blueberry cobbler with big juicy blueberries. I would have preferred it without the ice cream as it was 17 with a wind chill of who knows what. The ambiance is great, if you like dark restaurants, which we do, being able to watch the skiers come down the slopes is an added bonus. The noise level can get a bit high depending on your neighbors as the tables are close together. The waiter forgot a couple of our items but he also had a lot of tables to cover and was extremely nice, however I wish he hadn’t been chomping on gum the whole night. I highly recommend Outlook and my husband who is a marvelous cook and loves to go out to dinner said it was the best dinner we have had in 10 years. We will definitely be back. I am glad he liked my choice!!” ~Miki C. of Temple, NH on 2/20/2011

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  1. We are handicap accessible. We own an electric stair walker which we use to assist you upstairs and back down.

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